Research & Data Manager
Bernadette Atai

Before joining Akellobanker, Bernadette worked as a lead Research Assistant with Solar Aid/ Sunny Money Uganda doing data collection and evaluation. She has also worked with logistics company Three Ways Shipping Group as an Environmental Health and Safety Principal Officer, with duties involving awareness creation on related issues as well as monitoring and evaluating the consequences of dangers in the transport area to the environment. She has also worked as education, monitoring and evaluating coordinator with CO2 balance Uganda/Carbon Zero, a company that is involved in distributing energy efficient stoves and management of environment and water supply. She has taught the international Cambridge and local Ugandan curricula for 5 years and worked as a research assistant for different research studies in the same time frame. Bernadette holds an MSc in Environment and Natural Resources from Makerere University, with excellent training and experience in GIS applications. She also possess a BA in Education (Geography) from Makerere University. She is a trained counselor and data analyst, and her interests lie in research and conservation and utilization of GIS skills.