The digital financial delivery service project is primarily implemented in Uganda by Quest Digital Finance and financed by Resilient Africa.  The project is focusing on increasing access to financing to entrepreneurs in post-conflict areas in eastern and northern Uganda to enable them generate incomes,  save incomes, create jobs and build wealth.

The Innovation out of the project s codenamed Akello Banker, a digital banking platform used by cooperatives to enables their members including Farmers and small scale traders to access instant credit using their mobile phones. AkelloBanker incorporates digital credit marketplace that provides credit financing to micro, small and growing enterprises while enabling potential lenders to invest in them. 

The overall aim of the project is to leverage technology to increase access to financing to micro, small and growing farm and non-farm enterprises while digitizing local savings and credit cooperatives in post conflict areas in eastern and northern Uganda. We believe this is a key piece to enabling them generate incomes, save money, build wealth and generate capacity and resilience to respond to current and future shocks.